21/54: The Ten Best of Tide’s Twitter

So in my earlier post I ragged on Tide’s twitter pretty bad. So why not show you all the top Ten Tide Tweets?


Nothing more to say than they’re both solid “I lose socks in the dryer” joke.


A funny little snippet about stealing change you find in the dryer? I can dig it!


Man, this ad was the best ad about in this CRAZY super bowl. If it weren’t for Beyonce it would of completely stolen the show. Solid story, not too long, perfectly about football. You think its going to play to stereotypes at the end, but instead it just shows the wife as a Ravens fan instead. The tweet is boring which is why it comes in at 3.


As someone who loathes putting away their clothes, I completely agree.


“The tides are changing” Tide + Puns = Awesome


Is this a sexual joke about laundry detergent?


I’ll take it! I would love that dart board!


What a solid P&G en cahoots strategy! It’s a solid strategy and this tweet is short and sweet.


What a solid use of Throwback Thursday! Beautiful!


It’s the first day of spring! And because Tide Pods are “Spring Meadow” this is the MOST RELEVANT TWEET!

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