3/54: A Cloudy Present, Directive: Cognitive

I’ve been faced with a problem recently: My head’s been quite cloudy. When faced with “cognitive”, well, I couldn’t help but think the things Tide promises for clothes would be useful.

A mind as clean as my clothes. I could only dream.

At first I thought of a miracle pill or liquid as a brand extension.


But then I realized it was more of a dues ex machina then I expected: It would be tide fixing all the problems. Since I wasn’t prepared to give up on my little orange and blue pill I decided to make it a little more flawed.

You can overdose on this Proctor and Gamble masterpiece. It’s sort of bad to take more than just the one every once in a while, too. Sort of like certain painkillers: If you use them all the time there’s a deep problem and you should see a doctor.

If I could just pop one of these bad boys on a Monday afternoon like today, and for once be able to think clearly, I could have enough productivity for the whole week!

So positives: Clear head and an increase in productivity. Negatives: Take too many and you’ll have what competitive eaters call a “reversal of fortune”

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