12/54: Tide-to-Pope, Directive: Soul


Who actually wears all white? Our new pope of course!

Imagine that moments before the photo above (courtesy of The New York Times) an exchange happened between the newly crowned Francis I and those cardinals accompanying him.


Oh no!


Popa, what is wrong?


While taking my first communion, I must of spilled! The wineblood of our savior is on my holy robes!


Where is it? I can’t see it.


It is quite small, but I cannot go out looking as such! I must symbolize the strength of our church and of our Lord. Can either of you do anything about this?


Ah Ha! I have a Tide Pen to assist you, your holiness!

(As CARDINAL ONE leans down to help the pontiff, FRANCIS speaks)


The face of the lord truly looks to us on this Italian evening!

Moments afterward, Francis would walk through those curtains onto a new life representing the Catholic Church. Thanks Tide!

10/54: Fresh and Clean, Directive: Soul

This is actually the very first project I began work on. It stemmed from the fact that Tide is an individual. Instead of blending in it’s super bright orange and sticks out on a shelf. I thought a really sassy song declaring its independence would be kind of awesome. Enjoy!

Also here is an earlier take that wasn’t as good, with even more vocal harmony problems!

7/54: I Like Sun Days More Than Others, Directive: Soul




Slight Changes:


(The source material is from http://dragoart.com)

This idea took much more brewing in my head than it did clicking of my mouse. While the photoshop may be the end product, it is important to see how I got there.

I think of soul as a center. Whether that is a spiritual center as many see it in a person, or a physical center, such as our planetary system to our sun.

So let’s put Tide at the center of us all. (I also loved connecting the orange of the sun with the bright orange of the Tide bottle.)

I see that this is dangerously close to a “plop”- but I hope the central idea of the thoughts of what Tide offers being at the center redeem that execution.

Thus ends this midnight posting spree.