54/54: Done?, Directive: Empathy

He was elated. He finally felt exactly why the end of the syllabus described a need to “begin the healing process”. As he sat there, his hands stinking of detergent, he thought of one thing only: his clean clothes and a warm bed. Both made possible and “homey” by Tide, the thing that haunted him for an entire semester. Also the feelings he felt were empathetic, perfect for his final effort in the project. He was a ghost, and there he sat, haunting his own room and computer, ready to be finished.

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46/54: Androids, Directive: Empathy

In Focused Inquiry this semester, we did an extensive study of empathy. In the novel¬†Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?¬†by Phillip K. Dick, police use empathy tests to study if a suspect is an android. The empathy tests are of dubious ethics, using questions pertaining to animal cruelty as well as human emotions. But a lot of that test could involve things we all feel about Tide, like a feeling of home. Asking the android about someone’s childhood home burning down could help to figure out that they are one of the rouges.