42/54: Remembering, Directive: Compulsion

Not all compulsions are great. My main compulsion is procrastination. But when I lean over and smell my clothes, I remember the house that raised me and the lessons my mother told me. This simple lesson helps to curb my distraction and keep me on track. I think that this “Feeling of home” could be used in a whole series of legs throughout multimedia to relate to college students.

40/54: Too Much At Once, Directive: Compulsion

At home, my parents buy big bottles of Tide. In a house that once was home to five, with three of them boy children, a lot of detergent was necessary. My mother always complains that my Dad uses too much Tide. Enter the Tide mini-cap, for conservation:



The cap would only be able to hold one load’s worth of Tide, making it very unlikely for my dad to pour too much. There could also be an installation on the Tide nossles and the cups for powder to encourage it to last longer across the brand line.

24/54: Tide and Downy: Together at Last, Directive: Compulsion

What products do you need to have together?

Some cross marketing has occurred in the past.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Salt and Pepper

So why not make Downy the yin to Tide’s yang. They’re both Proctor and Gamble products and are companions. If a conscience marketing decision is made, then a compulsion could be developed to buy them together.