17/54: Halftide, Directive: Axiom

I have basketball on the brain. And there is an established truth in college basketball: halftime games suck! You never get anything too useful (mostly footballs, etc) and they ask you to do either super-easy or impossible tasks. We’ll Tide and I can fix that.

Halftide: The Tide Halftime Game.

1) A lot of players would be involved- most halftime games are boring because they involve but one or two people in an audience of 9000+ spectators (some stadiums hold WAY more). In this case, there would be two squads of 5, or 10.

2) Fun to watch. What the players would do would be a littleĀ embarrassingĀ so it would be good for the fans to watch.

3) Good prize. Since it would be laundry themed a trial tide pod pack could be passed out to all of the established fans (who do laundry often) and the students (who, well, don’t)

In this game, a squad of five stands around the arc. Each player holds a basketball. In order from one side to the other, each player spins in place 10 times and then runs around both hoops (stumbling). They then line themselves up on the free throw line and make their shot. Each player does this and which ever team gets five dizzied shots through the basket first wins.

I chose this motion as it would resemble a washing machine. Like you know, Tide.

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