14/54: Making Decisions, Directive: Cognitive

This morning I decided to apply physical Tide to making decisions, a part of what “cognitive” means. Instead of doing my morning routine well, routinely, I instead flipped a tide pod for what do to do.

Heads is pictured on the left, with tails on the right.


Most Greaterest Tide Pod, oh what flavor of coffee should I drink this morning?
House Blend (heads) or Ultra Dark (tails)?

Heads! House Blend!

Oh great Tide Pod of Destiny, what should eat for breakfast?
Raisin Bran (heads) or Mini-Wheats (tails)?

Heads! Raisin Bran it is.

My father, my Pod, how should I be able to see today?
Contacts (heads) or glasses (tails)?

Heads! Wearing my contacts today!

Tide Pod Sansei, what color shoes should I wear today?
Red Vans (heads) or Blue Vans (tails)?

Heads! Red shoes for today!

After those four questions I flipped the pod over about 20 times: It seems like it lands on heads a wide majority of the time. I probably should of tested that beforehand…

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