38/54: Tide Weather

The town of laundrysvania has some odd weather: They’re rain is thick and blue, their snow is a fine powder and their hail…well their hail is the weirdest of it all. See the video below:

As you can see, their hail is gigantic, blue orange and white blocks. It’s a serious problem, but boy is that town clean.

Each Tide is for a different season, just as each tide has slightly different use.

30/54: Tide Sheets

This was an¬†excursive¬†in stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I am both bad at and/or haven’t done before. I’m not much of an artist, and I had never done this much with creative retiming and drawing. I like it though, and will do some more.

2/54: Bad Dudes, Dirty Clothing (or Project 2: Project Harder)

This idea began with the concept of dirty clothes running away from Tide they were so scared of its cleaning power. Quickly after attempts to film using real clothes, I decided that using simple paper marionettes was a good solution. Below is a gallery of puppet construction.

I affixed wire to the top to make the string more stable and we got to filming. I used my friend Chelsea and roommate Reed as other marionette operators (I was Tide)

I decided that making it silent and have a short story would be best, so we didn’t have to worry about sound. Filming itself took about 20 minutes to complete 20 seconds of somewhat usable footage. I wish I had either planned better or had at lease filmed more.

Below is the finished product which comes down to “so bad it’s kind of funny to laugh at”

I am extremely excited for my project tomorrow, however. I think I can make it much better than my last two projects, that I consider failures.