54/54: Done?, Directive: Empathy

He was elated. He finally felt exactly why the end of the syllabus described a need to “begin the healing process”. As he sat there, his hands stinking of detergent, he thought of one thing only: his clean clothes and a warm bed. Both made possible and “homey” by Tide, the thing that haunted him for an entire semester. Also the feelings he felt were empathetic, perfect for his final effort in the project. He was a ghost, and there he sat, haunting his own room and computer, ready to be finished.

Photo on 5-1-13 at 11.43 PM

40/54: Too Much At Once, Directive: Compulsion

At home, my parents buy big bottles of Tide. In a house that once was home to five, with three of them boy children, a lot of detergent was necessary. My mother always complains that my Dad uses too much Tide. Enter the Tide mini-cap, for conservation:



The cap would only be able to hold one load’s worth of Tide, making it very unlikely for my dad to pour too much. There could also be an installation on the Tide nossles and the cups for powder to encourage it to last longer across the brand line.

37/54: The Auto Loading Hamper

So I always find it weird that we have to bend down to pick up clothes out of a hamper, bring them up to the slightly different leveled washer, and then throw them in. A solution: The auto load hamper, including a spring and a simple jack.

This is the classic situation:

Storyboard 2

With the auto loading hamper you would jack it up to the height of the machine.

Storyboard 3
Storyboard 1Then you would use the spring to tip the laundry into the machine:


Easier times!


36/54: Fix Your Mistakes, Directive: Axiom

An axiomatic principle: We are human, therefore we make mistakes.

We have things to help us fix our mistakes, like erasers. Why not extend Tide to Go as an eraser for your clothing mistakes? Show it as a physical eraser, like below.


It helps to downplay stains as non-threats, and makes Tide your ally in a battle where you shellack your opponent.


35/54: Load It Forward, Directive: Axiom

What if Tide planted Tide bottles in Laundromats and dorms across the country with these simple instructions on the back:


There’s a simple axiom in life of “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”. So why not put a way to help others out directly in the hand of those who need it most?

Load it Forward everywhere where detergent might be scarce.

34/54: Without Evidence, Directive: Axiom

Most would say we have different cleaners for a reason. But Tide is so great, why not have just it?

Well, because it hurts. I tried cleaning my sink and shower with Tide liquid and then a Tide pod. Simply put: It didn’t work out.

I found that it made things sticky and smell strongly of Tide. This might have something to do of the higher concentration Tide started using in the last decade. The Tide Pod, when it burst as I scrubbed the shower, created an awful stinging on my skin. I don’t think we’re meant to handle the inside of those things.

26/54: The Detergent Code, Directive: Decipher

Venice Twilight

That’s Monet’s Venice at Twilight. A masterpiece. But something’s different. What if I were to tell you that there are secret Tide clues hidden throughout history?

Tide was the first synthetic detergent. Do you think that it took humanity until the 19th century to come up with the recipe for such a concoction? No way! Secret orginizations have been trying to keep us away from it for much of recent history. Luckily we now have easy access to it!


22/54: Tide For Every Season


Why should there only be Tide in a Spring scent?

Why not introduce a Tide for each season as a brand extension! A winter tide that smells a bit like home and pine cones and Christmas. A summer scent that encapsulates the feeling of freedom and sitting on a beach? Or maybe even a fall tide that smells like nature and leaves.

Phasing them in and out can help people feel at home in the new season and would be a pretty great cash grab for Tide.

19/54: Tideman!, Directive: Decipher


Art by noted roommate and artist Reed Price

Tideman! Solving crimes with his deductive powers and supply of Tide-brand cleaning products!

In a town that needs nothing more than to be cleaned up, Tideman busts on to the scene and deduces each case one at a time. (Much like Batman, the world’s greatest detective). His one weakness? He melts under extremely hot water!

His archnemesis is Slug Dude, a gigantic slug who wants to rule the city and dirty it up so all its people live in filth.

In this thrilling tale, Tideman runs around cleaning the city up-literally, while deducing his way through the case! Boom!

15/54: Cleaning Madness

As some of us obsess over the craziness that is March Madness (#LetsGoVCU), what if we had the ultimate showdown of cleaning products, who would win?

Various factors were considered when seeding including: market share, variety of uses, length of time on market and success rate. I also broke the bracket of 16 into four groups of four- Wipes, Liquids, Solids, and Sprays.

1) Clorox Wipes
2) Scotch-Brite
3) Microfiber rag
4) Pledge wipes
1) Lysol
2) Clorox All-Purpose
3) 409
4) Windex
1) Liquid Plumber
2) Tide
3) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
4) Resolve
1) Sponge
2) Brillo
3) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
4) Swiffer

Below is the bracket:


The final game (between #1 seeded Lysol and the hero of our story #2 Tide), Tide makes a valiant victory over Lysol and the whole cleaning world celebrates, much like when Duke loses.

13/54: The Tide Fund, Directive: Decipher

What have I deciphered about Tide’s brand? I found that Tide’s brand is a promise- a promise of clean clothes is a promise of home. I designed a life skills outreach for Tide to go along with their excellent disaster relief efforts.


The Tide Fund would work in two settings: high schools and halfway houses.

a) In high schools
Recently, many high schools are introducing life skills classes to help actually prepare students. (I graduated with the ability to predict values on a normal distribution but without the ability to balance a checkbook.) Why not stem the flow of high schoolers who go off to college without any idea how to do laundry by having Tide put free detergent and inexpensive washing machines in their high schools? Laundry is a required life skill- we all wear clothes! Hook these students up with some free Tide on their way out of high school and send them off with good wishes and an Easy A. (And Tide could continue to increase its market share.)

b) In halfway houses

Now high school is where most people in America begin their foray into independence, others have a rough start. What could be better for the tide brand than instilling in people who want to be reintroduced to the world that Tide equals home? Do a similar education program as with the high school in halfway homes, low security prisons, and juvenile detention centers across the country. Make Tide a part of their recovery and they’ll associate it with the time they became proud of themselves again- lifelong customers.

Doing good things can represent the trust I find in the Tide brand- and it wouldn’t be to bad of a marketing scheme.

9/54: Stain on the Brain, Directive: Cognitive


(The brain is from here, and the stain is from here)

I thought about cognitive and cognition and how I thought the best. I thought the best when I have peace of mind. Part of that peace of mind is having clean clothes put away in their place. Stains make it dirty and haunt you. How do you clear your mind? Through Tide, of course! Below is a brainstorm with arrows I did in a room in the library to find this idea.


7/54: I Like Sun Days More Than Others, Directive: Soul




Slight Changes:


(The source material is from http://dragoart.com)

This idea took much more brewing in my head than it did clicking of my mouse. While the photoshop may be the end product, it is important to see how I got there.

I think of soul as a center. Whether that is a spiritual center as many see it in a person, or a physical center, such as our planetary system to our sun.

So let’s put Tide at the center of us all. (I also loved connecting the orange of the sun with the bright orange of the Tide bottle.)

I see that this is dangerously close to a “plop”- but I hope the central idea of the thoughts of what Tide offers being at the center redeem that execution.

Thus ends this midnight posting spree.

6/54: Better Idea Than Execution, Directive: Emotion

When brainstorming “emotion”, the emotion I settled on as the strongest in relation to the Tide brand was “security”. So I went from there and found myself on padlock. Because Project 54 is about the idea, the poor execution below will hopefully help convey my premise.


Much to my delight, it also somehow degraded in quality between its creation and its posting.


The powerful things that connecting the imagery of an iron-clad padlock to the security offered by the home-bringing smell of tide are endless!

5/54: The Tide Pod Pod

What if you could just TRY Tide Pods?

Tide Pods, at first, look pretty and convenient, but their price makes them pretty inconvenient.

Tide Pods, at first, look pretty and convenient, but their price makes them pretty inconvenient.

So instead of the $12 dollar bag of Tide Pods, you could buy four for $3 or $4- heck you could even promote them for $1 to get people hooked. I designed a prototype below:


I first attempted to fit four in and then failed at making my “pod” large enough. In the real product extension, it would be made of plastic and resealable, similar to the large bag I removed my pods from.

4/54: Don’t Make An Ad


The clownfish is from fanpop.com, while the logo, fishbowl, and pod are from Tide. The water in the fishbowl is a royalty free stock photo.

One of the major stipulations of Project 54 is “don’t make an ad”. But I thought that this idea was good enough to execute anyway. (It also couldn’t ever be an ad, as you’d have to license the name of the Dr. Suess book.)


1/54: Poor pouring

So let’s try to be honest- If I told you I found Project 54 anything other than daunting, I would be lying. My solutions to unrest about schoolwork are either procrastination or getting ahead. It was made very clear that procrastination was not an option here, so last week, before the project even started, I tried my hand at my first idea.

The idea was to create an animated gif of Tide pouring into the tide logo- symbolizing how the blue of the liquid was so far linked into what the brand represents. Liquid Tide comes in varieties of blue and orange while it could easily be a clear or white liquid. This is simply another facet of the brand.


The aforementioned clay.

I went immediately to clay when thinking about what to make the “mold” of, so my roommate and I ventured to the art student haven of Plaza Art to purchase an ungodly 25 pounds of clay.

I took out the clay and flattened it into a very large slab and started molding. As someone who hasn’t worked with clay since they were a child, I found it quite fun.


Below is a gallery of pictures of the process, from initial splat to the finished mold.

After the mold was completed, I set up my camera to film the pouring of the Tide. Unfortunately my camera disappointed me by malfunctioning and not writing the video to my SD card. Because of leaks in the outsides of my letters, I had no choice (aside from suing Nikon) besides to take a picture and dispose of the mold.


The filled mold.

So, due to a tragic camera malfunction my first project was unsuccessful. (Unless you count that the mold took up all my laundry detergent.)