54/54: Done?, Directive: Empathy

He was elated. He finally felt exactly why the end of the syllabus described a need to “begin the healing process”. As he sat there, his hands stinking of detergent, he thought of one thing only: his clean clothes and a warm bed. Both made possible and “homey” by Tide, the thing that haunted him for an entire semester. Also the feelings he felt were empathetic, perfect for his final effort in the project. He was a ghost, and there he sat, haunting his own room and computer, ready to be finished.

Photo on 5-1-13 at 11.43 PM

52/54: From The Perspective of a Tweenager, Directive: Evil

My mom is the meanest person ever. Like, she is completely evil. Today she handed me a big orange bottle of laundry soap and told me I need to start washing my own clothes. That I’ll need to know how when I go to college. That’s like forever away! I’m in 8th grade, lady!

Ugh, how do I even put this in the washer. Wait, is this crap blue? That’s kind of awesome. I could totally throw some of this at Cody and he would squirm. Ew, it feels all weird too. I bet doing my laundry won’t be so bad.

(Even through hate, Tide can make you happy.)

49/54: A Conspiracy, Directive: Evil

There’s a conspiracy that exists right underneath your nose: Gain and stains.

Now that you hear it, it sounds so clear and easy to associate. Gain works with the stains and doesn’t clean them in order to make you use more of it. In other words: Gain is in cahoots with your dirty clothes.

Stop letting this conspiracy continue and use some Tide.

46/54: Androids, Directive: Empathy

In Focused Inquiry this semester, we did an extensive study of empathy. In the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K. Dick, police use empathy tests to study if a suspect is an android. The empathy tests are of dubious ethics, using questions pertaining to animal cruelty as well as human emotions. But a lot of that test could involve things we all feel about Tide, like a feeling of home. Asking the android about someone’s childhood home burning down could help to figure out that they are one of the rouges.

44/54: Jammy Pants, Directive: Reflect

While focusing on a detergent brand, I sometimes forgot about the feelings I associate with the clothes I wear. Changing at the end of a day into jammy pants helps me to think about all the things going on in my day. The fresh scent emanating encapsulates how I feel and lets me think about what I did that day.

42/54: Remembering, Directive: Compulsion

Not all compulsions are great. My main compulsion is procrastination. But when I lean over and smell my clothes, I remember the house that raised me and the lessons my mother told me. This simple lesson helps to curb my distraction and keep me on track. I think that this “Feeling of home” could be used in a whole series of legs throughout multimedia to relate to college students.

40/54: Too Much At Once, Directive: Compulsion

At home, my parents buy big bottles of Tide. In a house that once was home to five, with three of them boy children, a lot of detergent was necessary. My mother always complains that my Dad uses too much Tide. Enter the Tide mini-cap, for conservation:



The cap would only be able to hold one load’s worth of Tide, making it very unlikely for my dad to pour too much. There could also be an installation on the Tide nossles and the cups for powder to encourage it to last longer across the brand line.

38/54: Tide Weather

The town of laundrysvania has some odd weather: They’re rain is thick and blue, their snow is a fine powder and their hail…well their hail is the weirdest of it all. See the video below:

As you can see, their hail is gigantic, blue orange and white blocks. It’s a serious problem, but boy is that town clean.

Each Tide is for a different season, just as each tide has slightly different use.

37/54: The Auto Loading Hamper

So I always find it weird that we have to bend down to pick up clothes out of a hamper, bring them up to the slightly different leveled washer, and then throw them in. A solution: The auto load hamper, including a spring and a simple jack.

This is the classic situation:

Storyboard 2

With the auto loading hamper you would jack it up to the height of the machine.

Storyboard 3
Storyboard 1Then you would use the spring to tip the laundry into the machine:


Easier times!


36/54: Fix Your Mistakes, Directive: Axiom

An axiomatic principle: We are human, therefore we make mistakes.

We have things to help us fix our mistakes, like erasers. Why not extend Tide to Go as an eraser for your clothing mistakes? Show it as a physical eraser, like below.


It helps to downplay stains as non-threats, and makes Tide your ally in a battle where you shellack your opponent.


35/54: Load It Forward, Directive: Axiom

What if Tide planted Tide bottles in Laundromats and dorms across the country with these simple instructions on the back:


There’s a simple axiom in life of “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”. So why not put a way to help others out directly in the hand of those who need it most?

Load it Forward everywhere where detergent might be scarce.

34/54: Without Evidence, Directive: Axiom

Most would say we have different cleaners for a reason. But Tide is so great, why not have just it?

Well, because it hurts. I tried cleaning my sink and shower with Tide liquid and then a Tide pod. Simply put: It didn’t work out.

I found that it made things sticky and smell strongly of Tide. This might have something to do of the higher concentration Tide started using in the last decade. The Tide Pod, when it burst as I scrubbed the shower, created an awful stinging on my skin. I don’t think we’re meant to handle the inside of those things.

31/54: Clean All Around

Tide has a terrific set of brand values. Tide invokes home, family and cleanliness. It also has a whopping market share. So why not associate other things I should use that Proctor and Gamble creates? For example, a coupon spread with both Old Spice and Tide, with man’s clothes, saying “Why would you put clean clothes on a dirty body?”. Associate the two brands and I’m more likely to buy both.