30/54: Tide Sheets

This was an excursive in stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I am both bad at and/or haven’t done before. I’m not much of an artist, and I had never done this much with creative retiming and drawing. I like it though, and will do some more.

28/54: Every Single Day, Directive: Quotidian

Most people simply don’t have to do laundry that often, and Tide has worked really hard (with Tide-to-Go) to make sure people don’t do it more, and that when people do it, it can be pretty painless (Tide Pods). But that causes a problem: Why would you discourage people from thinking of your brand daily?

Bring in marketing freebies: A tide calendar, perhaps, to remind people of laundry tips and tricks while checking what they have for the day. I really like the idea of a Tide-based rewards system, similar to a mycokerewards style system where the more you use the better the rewards. It would make people think more about it because there would be steps to make sure you collected something that is basically free.


27/54: Halfway Where?

For the Jewish holiday of passover, homes are thoroughly cleaned throughout in an attempt to remove all leaven from the household. I think that if Tide targeted Orthodox Jewish homes aggressively, they could associate the washing of all the clothes in the house with Tide.

It could be clever…Tide with a yarmulke, or Tide made out of matzah. or It could be straight up, Orthodox Jews just love talk of God liking things and/or straight talk.


26/54: The Detergent Code, Directive: Decipher

Venice Twilight

That’s Monet’s Venice at Twilight. A masterpiece. But something’s different. What if I were to tell you that there are secret Tide clues hidden throughout history?

Tide was the first synthetic detergent. Do you think that it took humanity until the 19th century to come up with the recipe for such a concoction? No way! Secret orginizations have been trying to keep us away from it for much of recent history. Luckily we now have easy access to it!


25/54: As The Tide Turns, Directive: Emotion

Imagine a story of star-crossed lovers. Zoe the heir to the Tide fortune and Ryan a higher-up at Gain. In this fictional universe the companies’ rivalry is unmatched across industry. Over five episodes their romance gets tested as one of their friends turns against them, others betray them.

What is more emotional than a soap opera?

I wrote out a detailed sequence of events that would happen across the events, below is an image of that handwritten note.


24/54: Tide and Downy: Together at Last, Directive: Compulsion

What products do you need to have together?

Some cross marketing has occurred in the past.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Salt and Pepper

So why not make Downy the yin to Tide’s yang. They’re both Proctor and Gamble products and are companions. If a conscience marketing decision is made, then a compulsion could be developed to buy them together.

22/54: Tide For Every Season


Why should there only be Tide in a Spring scent?

Why not introduce a Tide for each season as a brand extension! A winter tide that smells a bit like home and pine cones and Christmas. A summer scent that encapsulates the feeling of freedom and sitting on a beach? Or maybe even a fall tide that smells like nature and leaves.

Phasing them in and out can help people feel at home in the new season and would be a pretty great cash grab for Tide.