2/54: Bad Dudes, Dirty Clothing (or Project 2: Project Harder)

This idea began with the concept of dirty clothes running away from Tide they were so scared of its cleaning power. Quickly after attempts to film using real clothes, I decided that using simple paper marionettes was a good solution. Below is a gallery of puppet construction.

I affixed wire to the top to make the string more stable and we got to filming. I used my friend Chelsea and roommate Reed as other marionette operators (I was Tide)

I decided that making it silent and have a short story would be best, so we didn’t have to worry about sound. Filming itself took about 20 minutes to complete 20 seconds of somewhat usable footage. I wish I had either planned better or had at lease filmed more.

Below is the finished product which comes down to “so bad it’s kind of funny to laugh at”

I am extremely excited for my project tomorrow, however. I think I can make it much better than my last two projects, that I consider failures.

1/54: Poor pouring

So let’s try to be honest- If I told you I found Project 54 anything other than daunting, I would be lying. My solutions to unrest about schoolwork are either procrastination or getting ahead. It was made very clear that procrastination was not an option here, so last week, before the project even started, I tried my hand at my first idea.

The idea was to create an animated gif of Tide pouring into the tide logo- symbolizing how the blue of the liquid was so far linked into what the brand represents. Liquid Tide comes in varieties of blue and orange while it could easily be a clear or white liquid. This is simply another facet of the brand.


The aforementioned clay.

I went immediately to clay when thinking about what to make the “mold” of, so my roommate and I ventured to the art student haven of Plaza Art to purchase an ungodly 25 pounds of clay.

I took out the clay and flattened it into a very large slab and started molding. As someone who hasn’t worked with clay since they were a child, I found it quite fun.


Below is a gallery of pictures of the process, from initial splat to the finished mold.

After the mold was completed, I set up my camera to film the pouring of the Tide. Unfortunately my camera disappointed me by malfunctioning and not writing the video to my SD card. Because of leaks in the outsides of my letters, I had no choice (aside from suing Nikon) besides to take a picture and dispose of the mold.


The filled mold.

So, due to a tragic camera malfunction my first project was unsuccessful. (Unless you count that the mold took up all my laundry detergent.)