8/54: A Study In Plops By Tide’s Twitter, Directive: Axiom

An axiom can be an established truth. An established truth I held was that Tide’s marketing team must be better at this than I, the tragically-behind tragic hero of this Project 54.

Problem is, I followed Tide on twitter about a week into Curiousness and their marketing team is very “plop”-oriented. Here’s five of my favorite Tide-sponsored “plop”s.


Now this is a plop if I have ever seen one! It’s a stain photoshopped on and off with a picture of a Tide To Go in the middle! It might of been a little bit better if they use their new stain square thing and made the ad square, but there is no doubt that Tide is acting as a Deux ex Machina here!


I find their use of trending tags like #YoureMoreAttractiveIf kind of funny, but just throwing a fishbowl full of Tide pods at the concept doesn’t make it good! (Even if Spring Meadow Tide Pods are the bomb)

An honorable mention in the hashtag category is this loosely connected to detergent #WaysToMakeMeMad seen below:


Oscar night! Full of Stars- its simply magical! So why not do nothing but add text to a picture of tide pods for the occasion?

Also from that night: Tide Boost in a supporting role- which is actually kind of a clever idea, I’ll give them that.


Now you wouldn’t think that it would be possible to plop in real life, but plopping in reality creates a twitpic all the lazier. It’s Miss New York USA with Tide Pods! Not looking at the camera! Look we’re hip! Please?


Now this here really takes the cake, there’s not even text to remotely explain how a fishbowl won a race for stock cars! I didn’t even know tide could only spin to the left…

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